Direct to Garment Printing

Through the Magic of Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, your t-shirt idea today could be a t-shirt tomorrow.

Be as colorful as you want, as we charge no additional cost for additional colors. You can have a full color photo printed on a shirt for the same cost as a 1 color, text only print.

Actual DTG Print

Artwork by Eron Howell

We use twice as much ink as the other guys! 2 passes of ink creates vibrant and long lasting prints. If you are shopping with other DTG printers, ask them how many passes of ink they use, we almost always use 2 passes of ink. This makes a huge difference...don't settle for less!

DTG prints are as durable and washable as screen prints

DTG Printing is great for:
- Full color images for any size order.
- Smaller orders (below 36)
- No minimums

Turn around time is typically 5 business days. (Ask about our rush orders)

Call now for a free DTG print sample.

Design Your Own T-shirt

Click here to try it now! Watch the How To video

A digital revolution has occurred in the t-shirt printing business and Tailored Ink Graphics is on the leading edge. For decades, t-shirts and other apparel have been decorated through the use of a process called screen printing. The screen printing process requires a lot of up-front work to be completed before a single image can be printed on a garment. A new process has been recently perfected (last 3 years) which allows for images to be printed directly on to a shirt without the use of screens and harsh chemicals. This new process is called Digital To Garment printing. Tailored Ink Graphics is proud to use DTG printing process which then leads to sustainable printing practices.